Stitching Panono Panoramas

Panono Camera
Panono Camera

Panono cameras are a wonder of technology and they greatly simplify the creation of high-resolution panoramas in many situations. Since there are 36 independent "cameras", stitching is a big part of the panorama process.

Making a Tripod Cap

Mirror Ball Tripod Cap

You can cover-up that nadir in your equirectangular panorama without using complicated scripts, by following these easy steps. I'm using Photoshop to create a mirror ball nadir cap, but any image editor that supports layers can be used to produce this effect.

Stitched Panoramas

Most high-resolution panoramas are created by merging together many individual images using a process called stitching. 

High Dynamic Range Imaging

High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI or HDR) reproduce more closely that which the human eye sees. People have the ability to discern a much greater range of light than a camera; so HDR images are created by taking multiple images of a scene at several exposures and combining the usable portions into a wider range composite.